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Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to teach your dog basic obedience in a public setting, around other dogs and people. Our group classes train the following commands: name recognition, sit, down, touch, watch me, spot-stay, leave it, drop it, heel (and general loose-leash walking).


Consultations are meant to identify the main issues you want to address, to determine the root causes of problem behaviors, and to outline a plan for improvement. Consultations are only needed for serious behavior problems, such as aggression.

Private Lessons (Coaching)

Private lessons are a great way to learn how the training process works, and the best solution for those who want to train their dogs themselves.

In-Home Day Training

Day-training involves the trainer coming to your home and training your dog for you while you are at work. Day-training is a great option for those without the available time to train their dogs themselves.

Board and Train

Board and train refers to the trainer boarding your dog at his/her house and training them for you. Imagine dropping your new (or old) completely untrained dog off for 2 weeks, and finding a fully obedient dog upon your return!

Puppy Socialization and Obedience

Give your pup the best chance possible to grow up confident, friendly, happy and healthy with our Puppy Socialization and Obedience package!

Walk and Train

Having trouble enjoying walks while your dog pulls you around the neighborhood, ignoring your every command? Sign up for a week of daytime walks with K9 State of Mind (complete with a take-home lesson) and be amazed at the pleasant, loose-leash walking experience you are now blessed with.

Therapy Dog Training

Think your dog has what it takes to cheer up hospital patients, nursing home residents, people with depression or PTSD, and children with anxiety? Sign up for a 3-pack of classes with K9 State of Mind to prepare your dog to help those in need!

Specialty Trick Training

Would you like your dog to bow, waive, sit-pretty, roll-over, play dead and more on command? Interested in creating a dance routine with your dog? Want your pup to fetch you a beer from the fridge? Sign up for a Specialty Trick Training program with K9 State of Mind and see what your dog is really capable of!


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