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When Matt first opened my kennel door, I was not very trusting of humans and knew no manners or tricks whatsoever! Luckily Matt could see past my nervousness and knew how much I had to offer. After a bonding period, Matt taught me so much; off-leash obedience, agility, scent detection, and even service work! Thanks to Matt’s hard work, I am now in a happy home with my forever family!

Anna Great Dane Mix, 2 years

When I met Matt in 2013, I had a bad habit of protecting barriers, and would snap at both people and dogs that stepped out of line. Many people thought I would never change because I was already 6 years old, but Matt showed me that people bring positive things like love and treats, and taught me that I could ignore the dogs that used to bother me so much. Now I am a Canine Good Citizen, and in 2016 I even passed an advanced off-leash obedience test!

Bumble Pit Bull Mix, 9 Years

Matt knew I had a bite history when he met me, but he was excited to start helping me anyway! By the time we were done together, not only did I not have aggression issues, I knew a bunch of tricks (look at me play dead!) and could even do search and rescue!

Duke Shepherd Mix, 1 Year

When I first came to my new home, I was unsure about my role in the family. I liked to jump on and mouth my humans, and I did not trust my small human brother, Axel! Luckily my new owners called Matt, and he was able to help them show me how to interact safely and positively with them and Axel. Now we are the best of friends!

Jedi Akita/Shih Tzu Mix, 1.5 years

When I first met Matt, I was terrified to leave my apartment building. Walking out into the city was too much for me; all I could do was alternate between cowering, trying to run for it, and barking/lunging aggressively at passerby. Matt helped to teach me to rely on the leadership of my owners when I am scared, and they all taught me over time that the outside world is not so scary after all!

Lilly Puerto Rican import, 2 years

When Matt first met me, I had already been returned once and was about to get kicked out of the daycare the was temporarily housing me. I did not trust new people or dogs easily, and was ready to bite to protect myself when I had to. After Matt gained my trust, he taught me to defer to my human caretaker when I am afraid, following his/her direction rather than acting aggressively. I found my forever home soon after. Thanks Matt!

Boudleaux Australian Cattle Dog, 2 years

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